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pyxyzygy is a pixel art and animation tool!


It is currently early release - while I've dogfooded it a bit, there are bugs, you may lose your work, and there are probably some tools it doesn't have yet.


  • No boundaries - don't worry about how much space you need to draw
  • Linked stamping - modify a tile in one place, see it changed everywhere
  • Palette layers - live color updates and reusable palettes
  • Looped animation - loop characters, backgrounds, objects separately and combine animations into video
  • Continuous saving - projects are saved as you work
  • Persistent undo/redo - you can close and reopen and undo stuff from your last session (or even multiple sessions ago)
  • Export PNG/GIF/WebM
  • Command line interface - include asset export in your workflow


Read the User Guide!



pyxyzygy is free, open source software.  You can find the code and issue tracker at https://gitlab.com/rendaw/pyxyzygy.

I've put a lot of time into it and hope it's useful to some people.  That said, it would be awesome to get some money for the work I've done so far and potentially future features.

  • Buy pyxyzygy on itch.io as a thanks to me and to support itch.io
  • Put bounties on issues to vote for future development

If you're handy with Java don't hesitate to try developing features yourself as well (please create an issue first though if there isn't one already so I can make suggestions).


If you have a bug or a question, please create an issue here.

For general questions and comments you can also use the board here on itch.io.


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pyxyzygy-linux-stable.zip 51 MB
Version 2
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Version 1
pyxyzygy-linux-experimental.zip 54 MB
Version 0.9.115
pyxyzygy-windows-experimental.zip 41 MB
Version 0.9.115
pyxyzygy-osx-experimental.zip 39 MB
Version 0.9.115